Elliott Rae wears many hats: Business & Change Manager, Musician, Writer, and Creator of the Blog Music Football Fatherhood (MFF). Elliott is also a devoted husband and father. What has almost become a „normal“ to many women, has now become a relatively new questions to many men:

Can fathers have it all?

Elliott didn’t feel represented in the picture of engaged parents: a young, married, professional, black father. So he created a community where fathers get to share their stories, experiences and worries about fatherhood, but also just talk about their hobbies (Hip Hop) Music and Football.

In this episode, we talk about the birth of his daughter and what made him found MFF.

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Soneni Soul Music (lovely!!)

My favorite German rap song by Megaloh feat. Musa, who I interviewed in Epsiode #04

Update:  I eventually became a member of the MFF team and am their Editor. I’ve written two articles for MFF. In 2021, MFF published their first book: DAD

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