In my Podcast I’ve mentioned several times that I do make music and sing myself. I used to sing a lot since I was a little girl. But it took me 32 years to to finally have the courage to sing on a stage in front of people.

That experience was sooo empowering!

My mission is to show everyone that they, too can be creative and show it. By  presenting my music in this episode, I want to encourage you to expose yourself! Get vulnerable. Be imperfect, but stop hiding! I did that and I’m still alive! I didn’t get buried in shame.

Actually, I encourage you to laugh about my music – I do too at some of it! But I also know, that some beat, some note, some lyric might be exactly what one person needed to hear to feel better for a moment. So, you’re welcome either way. to be featured in the Podcast? You can now send me your feedback on an episode , give thanks or just say hi via voice message