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'So you have a song- what next?' is a book series that will help you come up with ways of how you can customize and build your own system for releasing and monetizing your music no matter your level of expertise in the music industry. Get the whole bundle:

In Part 1: 5 Things you must not leave the studio without we will look at the fact that in order for your music to have impact and be easy to monetize there are 5 things you MUST NOT leave the studio without. These 5 things are the backbone of your music release success and MUST NOT be ignored.


Part 2: How to choose the best Music Distribution service for your release breaks down how best to choose which Music distribution platform to go for and what Music distribution is all about. Each platform has it’s pros and cons so it’s important to take these into account as they can add to a successful release.


In Part 3: How to launch your single in 30 days we give you a guide on the things to consider when rolling out your music to the world and how best to have impact with your roll out. So many things are happening these days and people’s attention span is even shorter than before, so keeping people engaged before and after the release is very important.


Finally in Part 4: How to monetize your single we share the many ways in which you can earn money from your single. It’s important to earn from your single as it helps stabilize your music business and assist your brand to be consistent over time.


Author Naboth B. Rimayi is a seasoned multi- media journalist specializing in DIY Musician content and Hip Hop. He has over 18 years of lived experience in the Music industry and has received multiple awards for his work.

Currently a producer & presenter of his weekly Radio show Naboth RIZLA Experience, he continues to share and educate globally since 2018.

So you have song - what's next? - Bundle

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