Rayne has a very soft, soothing voice. At a young age she started singing in a choir and recreated songs on the Blockflöte.

In 2018 she published her first song “Note to self” which kind of just came to her. It has a raw vibe like that of neo soul singer Dwele who has recorded his demo in his bedroom, called, The Rize, and sold it out of the trunk of his car.

Since her first release, Rayne’s music has progressed a lot and fast. Creating music helps her process emotions. Listening back to the songs she’s created makes her feel at peace and closure with whatever it was she went through at the time of creating it.

Rayne consideres herself a spiritual person. She believes that it’s important to recognize the emotions in order to process them and eventually let them go.

Rayne’s creativity shows in her three IG channels

As much as Rayne is an independent artist, she enjoys the safe space that Earl Records provides for her and other young artists. Earl Records is a Berlin Musikkollektiv, which Rayne is part of, as well as founders Indigo Blue, The Bud Spencer and The Stew.

I also asked about Children of the Sun, a project about the unheard story of the Youth for the Youth. Over the time span of several months Earl Records taught young people from all over Berlin from different backgrounds how to write, produce and present music.
The project resulted in a beautiful album and a stage performance at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.
Fun fact: Eugene Boateng from The Healer Hip Hop episode S2F2, where he talked about his movie Borga.

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